Stratus recently announced the reztC Edge for always on industrial computinglease of the next generation of their revolutionary zero touch computing (ztC) Edge solution.  ztC Edge combines the simplicity of the Stratus high availability and fault tolerant software solutions with robust solid state industrial server hardware – hence a complete fault tolerant platform.  Choose ztC Edge for always on industrial computing.


Harsh environmental conditions and lack of skilled resources at the edge of network make deploying, managing and maintaining computers at remote plants of branch offices especially challenging.  As more data gets generated by internet connected devices and processed at edge locations (out of data centre), companies need advanced computing infrastructure that’s simple to use and easy to protect.  Stratus ztC Edge is the answer – with built in virtualisation, simplified network security, flexibility and elimination of edge computing downtime, no other solution satisfies the growing demand for resilience at the edge of the network.


The latest release of ztC Edge now has up to 64Gb RAM as standard – suitable for demanding large SQL processing environments such as SCADA, BMS and critical edge computing solutions.  Already available as either high availability or fault tolerant models – and with up to 2Tb SSD (no moving parts), why consider anything else for your performance edge systems?


Want to find out more about Stratus zTC Edge for always on industrial computing?  Call us on 0161 366 8499 or please get in touch – we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements with you.


ztC Edge for Always On Industrial Computing