Zero Touch Computing and Tridium Niagara4 are the perfect combination.


Zero Touch Computing with Stratus ztC Edge is now available from 24/7 UptimeStratus have announced the release of the next generation of their fault tolerant ztC Edge solution.  ztC Edge incorporates the same management portal & high performance fault tolerant software layer (aka everRun) with 2 x pre-configured industrial grade servers for complete system availability at the network edge ….. where no IT intervention is available or required.  The latest version has up to 12 cores of processing power & 2Tb SSD internal disk storage, providing power, storage & performance wherever it is required.


The ztC acronym refers to Zero Touch Computing and it really is that – should any component or full server fail, Stratus simply replace the complete server unit.  It just needs network cables re-attaching and switching on – that’s it!


It’s a very timely release on the back of our attendance at the Tridium Niagara4 global conference this week in London.  The Niagara4 framework allows integrators, VARs and developers to create a bespoke solution for monitoring and management of 21st century automation solutions, affecting daily life for EVERYONE.  Niagara4 manages and pro-actively monitors smart buildings, smart cities, the huge expansion of Internet of Things interconnected devices (IoT), data centre controls and infinite other potential uses.  So in 95% of system deployments, the solution is needed out of data centre, out of internal comms or computer room facilities and out of there at the true edge of the network.  The combination of flexible global leading automation technology with zero touch fault tolerant computing allows Tridium’s system integrators and partners to deploy life changing solutions wherever they are required (middle of the desert with no human interaction – no problem).


Take a look at our short ztC Edge demonstration video and our ztC Edge product information.  Feel free to get in touch to learn  more.

Zero Touch Computing and Tridium Niagara4