OK, you’re backing up your data online and you’ve got the best deal around.  It’s cheap – really cheap.  In fact you might even be paying in dollars or another currency to backup your data in the cloud because that’s the cheapest option you can find.  You’re with one of the ‘big boys’ so you’re safe, right?  But have you considered what will happen if you need to get all your data back, if there’s an emergency or disaster with your computer system?


A recent letter to the editor in Computing magazine was from an email backup specialist who pointed out that time and time again people are not asking how they can retrieve their data and how much it will cost.  As he says, people generally think “it’s my data so I can get it back when I need to.”  Yes you can – but it can cost thousands of pounds and could come back as one big data dump with nothing in a useable format.


So if there is a crisis, are you dealing with a ‘real human being’ you can speak to as a single point of contact to handle your problem?  Or are you explaining your problem over and over again to whoever answers the phone?  Or, worse still, trying to communicate with a generic email address?


If you choose offsite data backup from 24/7 Uptime, you can rest assured that you are dealing with a ‘real human being’ who will liaise with you until your issue is resolved.  There is no charge at all UNLESS you need to retrieve more data than is feasible to restore over a web connection.  If this is the case, we can extract to a manual device and deliver it as soon as possible for a very reasonable one-off fee.  It is delivered back to you in exactly the same folders and structure as it was when originally taken from your source PC, Mac or server.


In short, our clients can back up their data in complete faith that, should their computer crash or disaster strike, they can quickly restore their valuable data in a useable format ready for work to continue as normal.  And without mind-blowing expense.


You’re backing up your data – but can you restore it?