Do you need end to end protection of your critical systems or network?  Or do you have assorted suppliers for high availability, disaster recovery, application monitoring and data backup?  We can provide the complete package – or as much or as little that your organisation needs.  Take a look at how we can help you……


Stratus everRun is a software solution that allows us to combine the components of 2 x off the shelf standard servers (HP / DELL / IBM etc), thus forming a completely fault tolerant computing platform.  So for example, if the disk array completely fails on server 1, at the same time as we lose all network connection on server 2, everything stays up and running through these multiple failures – not a packet is dropped, nor a ping missed.  Similarly, if a full physical server completely dies, the other one just carries on by itself, hence again zero downtime and zero data loss.  There is also no downtime when recovering back to a protected state, having fixed the underlying problem.  No need for shared storage, and everything is kept in synchronization across a pair (or multiple pair) of direct NIC to NIC copper or fibre availability links (“A” links).  For more information, take a look at our Stratus everRun page


ftServer provides exactly the same fault tolerant principle, complete elimination of any single point of failure, but on a dedicated hardware solution (fault tolerance in a box we like to call it).  So two server hot swappable “slices” come in a single robust fault tolerant chassis.  As the constant server to server synchronization is at hardware level rather than an applied software layer across some “A” links, performance is superb and levels of resilience even higher than with the software version (up to 99.9999% level of availability is achieved).  Again – zero downtime through failures and also on recovery.  More information on our ftServer page.


There is an add on module to also provide off site Disaster Recovery protection for both of the above systems, as of course they keep systems up and running locally,  but they aren’t fire / bomb / flood proof!  so in those conditions, failover to a second site may be required.   However if comms on site are good enough, you can split the two everRun host servers at each end of your site to achieve a pretty good level of DR resilience.


Last but not least, Monitor can be applied on either everRun or ftServer solutions.  This monitors applications and operating systems inside the processing environment, automatically reacting,  rebooting etc if apps or OS fail.  Very nicely – this module can also monitor attached peripheral devices on the network, such as cameras, access control doors, even other PCs and servers.  More info on our Monitor page.


Both everRun and ftServer have an optional auto dial home feature to global 24 x 7 x 365 support.  So we know and can act on and resolve any issues pro-actively and often without our customers knowing they have disk failure / server outages etc (as of course the systems running on our platform are unaffected).  Also of course alerting and monitoring by email to client IT staff, or SNMP traps to integrate into support dashboards etc are also in there as standard.


Not connected to the fault tolerant side of things – we also provide automated granular and incremental off-site data backup solution called Replicate Data, which can of course be applied to our fault tolerant platforms, or indeed to any PC or server setup.  More information here:  Replicata Data


So – we protect against downtime for server or component failure, we can split servers or add on DR module for geographic resilience, we can monitor and react to application or OS issues, and we can also monitor and predict failures for devices attached to the network – plus backup the data securely and off site.  All proactively supported round the clock all year long.


Of course we provide initial consultancy, implementation and ongoing support for all of the above.  Different clients have different requirements so you can pick and choose the elements that work best for your business.

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When Critical System Downtime Simply Isn’t An Option