Q: What is the most important things businesses should consider when weighing the importance of preventing downtime?

A: While uptime is important for all business applications, some are more worthy than others when it comes to high availability. Before examining availability options like fault-tolerant servers, clusters and high-availability software, companies must accurately calculate application value in terms of downtime cost. The majority of companies typically only factor in obvious costs, such as the wages of an idle workforce during that specific amount of time, but it goes beyond that. What about your reputation? Customers today demand constant access to goods and services – especially when they are hunting for specific deals and gifts. If they are unable to make a purchase, they’re likely to leave empty-handed (lost sale) and unhappy (they won’t keep that a secret, either).

This is an excerpt of an interview with David Laurello, CEO of Stratus Technologies, in Virtual Strategy Magazine.


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What’s the importance of preventing downtime?