Our software vendor, Stratus Technologies, has published some interesting survey results regarding system outages in North American emergency call handling centres.  This includes police, fire and ambulance services – and it shows that 70% of them experienced some sort of outage during 2013; well over half of them experienced a system outage that lasted 15+ minutes, with 28% suffering downtime lasting more than an hour.  Being unable to answer calls and respond to emergencies can have a massive impact on the communities they serve.  It doesn’t do a great deal to enhance their reputation for trust and reliability either.


Your organisation might not be an emergency service – but there will still be systems that are absolutely critical to the continued success of your business.  Not all business systems are created equal and you will have different response policies depending upon their importance to you.  Working out your own cost of system downtime can be a real eye-opener.


We can help you to deliver the right levels of system availability for your individual circumstances.  Whether it’s mission critical, business critical or non critical, we help you ensure the correct availability solutions are in place.

Take a look at our fault tolerant, high availability solutions and please chat to us to find out which options are best for you.


What systems are critical to your organisation?