VMware capable Stratus ftServer from 24/7 Uptime protects all applicationsThe already impressive 8.0 range was previously capable of running Windows server operating systems. Stratus Technologies have now released the VMware capable Stratus ftServer 8.1 range.


What else is new on the 8.1 ftServer series?


Faster and more powerful processing than ever before, the 8.1 range uses the fantastically efficient and powerful 10 and 14 core Broadwell based Intel processors. Even the entry level 2810 unit utilises a super-fast 10 core chip set. The very impressive 6810 unit provides a massive 28 physical cores (56 threads), coupled with scalability from 8Gb RAM to 1Tb RAM and from 8 x 1.2Tb HDD bays to a capacity of 86Tb usable disk space (utilising the add on ftStorage array).


This new range of Stratus ftServer units provides centralised, data centre based and edge of network based critical applications with the fastest, most powerful and most reliable always on fault tolerant platform.


When downtime simply isn’t an option, we have the right solution for you.


Contact us today to learn how Stratus ftServer can protect your applications.


VMware capable Stratus ftServer range 8.1 available now
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