We work with many scientific and systems developers, innovators and integrators around the UK (and Europe wide) providing an add on fault tolerant resilience layer to end client projects.


To go into a little more detail about how we work with systems integrators  – we ensure any software systems deployed for end clients that are deemed mission critical are kept up and running to the highest possible levels of system fault tolerance.


This is not a costly and complicated cluster solution or a reactive failover setup – but true fault tolerance in a very affordable and simple to manage setup.  Systems are kept up and running to an unparalleled level of resilience (99.9999% uptime).   It doesn’t really matter what the application / software is or what it does, the common denominator is that downtime of even a few seconds would cost in terms of lost revenue, loss of productivity, or threat to security and human life!


We have several examples available on our Success Stories page including our King’s Cross Station case study where we were brought in as partners to protect the CCTV and secure access systems during the refurbishment; because any outage of the station security and monitoring system would at best cause passenger chaos, and at worst be potentially life threatening.


Similarly – we provide fault tolerant system protection to several oil and gas sector customers, including off shore rigs and on shore gas terminals – again the effect of system downtime would cost millions of £ per hour and be potentially life threatening.  Other sectors we work with include manufacturing, broadcast industry (both in studio and transmission systems), pharmaceutical applications, scientific testing, education, healthcare systems and more.


If you are putting together client solutions that cannot afford system downtime then please do get in touch.  We would be delighted to talk to you.

Systems Integrators – need fault tolerance for mission critical client projects?