A power outage means downtime and data loss – right? Not with forward planning and 24/7 Uptime – system downtime avoided!


One of our customers recently suffered a complete power outage caused by a mains switch burnout. The customer is a scientific testing company running extremely critical test applications for large pharmaceutical companies, so downtime and data loss could cost them considerably in terms of lost revenue, possible contract breach and damaged reputation. Even with server UPS protection, RAID controlled disks and internal redundant power supply, a prolonged complete power feed outage will result in systems crashing.


Fortunately, we had already consulted with them on risk limitation to avoid such system outages and, by implementing dual power feeds and the everRun fault tolerant software solution from Stratus Technologies, a great result: system downtime avoided.  There was zero downtime and zero data loss, even though a complete physical server DID go down.


How? Two servers running as a single server means complete elimination of any single point of failure. By feeding the two servers from separate power feeds, even though one of them died, the other on the ‘good’ feed continued to operate unaffected.


No period of failover and recovery – but true seamless continuous processing.


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System Downtime Avoided, Despite Complete Power Outage