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everRun passes with flying colours for clinical trials co Melbourn Scientific

Cambridge-based Melbourn Scientific is a leading provider of analytical and formulation support for the pharma and biotech industries.  It has recently gained a manufacturing licence following a successful UK MHRA GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) audit.  As a result, the company has expanded its facilities and can now offer manufacture of products for clinical trials.


This means that the company is able to provide a comprehensive service for clients from first analysis of an interesting molecule through to manufacture of product for Phase I and II trials.  So the collection and secure storage of data is mission critical to the company and its clients as the data may be used in the future as part of a drug or device submission.  With the addition of the manufacturing licence Melbourn can provide a full range of services including: formulation development, analysis, method development and validation, stability studies and small scale production and batch release of product for use in clinical trials.

This ‘one-stop’ approach to early drug development benefits our clients who want to accelerate new product and device advances. Our analytical approach allows us to troubleshoot and address issues early on. This provides a high degree of confidence in the final formulation and is welcomed by large pharma clients who need routine testing and a fast turnaround. However, this places considerable importance on having a robust and resilient IT system that will store large quantities of data over long periods of time. Our clients want their data protected but they also want to know that our systems can tolerate and recover from disaster. Our individual servers had some fault tolerance built in but a recovery time was required to get things back up and running again after a fault. We therefore needed a system with greater resilience and a faster recovery time. We also wanted to be able to maintain the system ourselves.

Mark Parry, Project Manager

24/7 Uptime took over the licence renewal for everRun high availability software and visited Melbourn Scientific to undertake a health check of the everRun installation.  This included diagnosis and remedy of any issues, as well as upgrading to the latest version of everRun.


In addition, 24/7 Uptime provided bespoke on site training to Melbourn Scientific technical staff.  This included an overview of their particular everRun installation so they could support the system in house going forward, together with appropriate documentation.

The training was perfect for what we needed: the 24/7 Uptime engineers were both very helpful and we are much happier that we now know how to work with the everRun software system. We are also pleased with the improvements to our systems - everRun high availability software provides us with additional layers of protection for raw data. This means that in the event of a hardware failure, we can continue with our operations without delay. everRun has allowed us to reduce the recovery time from a few hours to a matter of seconds. It fits well within our company in terms of our size and what we need and it also provides reassurance for our clients. When they come on a tour of our premises, we can demonstrate that we have in place secure data storage and comprehensive disaster recovery. This provides confidence that if there is a problem with the IT system, it will not impact their critical deadlines.

Mark Parry, Project Manager

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