Market research co chooses Stratus high availability software and 24/7 Uptime

Streamlined market research processes are protected by Stratus high availability software

The company is a market research agency that undertakes qualitative and quantitative research on behalf of a large number of household name clients.

When the agency was established in the 1980s, market research surveys were paper-based.  As technology has progressed, so has the ways in which customers tend to complete research surveys.  Their market research panel completes regular surveys and results can be inputted 24 hours per day.  The company runs client surveys across the country and most work is now web based, with results inputted by the survey participants in real time on tablets and laptops.  The agency frequently has several client surveys running daily.  Therefore system downtime is out of the question as systems need to be accessible 24/7.

Before the company was introduced to Stratus everRun, their IT systems suffered downtime outages and that could involve many hours working overnight to undertake repairs.  System downtime meant staff were standing idle and survey results could not be recorded correctly or were wasted entirely.   That changed when they learned about Stratus high availability software.  This software now protects their email and web servers, their marketing software systems and call centre software systems.

We've streamlined processes to be cost effective for our customers but that puts more of a burden on IT infrastructure. everRun is an impressive piece of kit. When you see what it can do, it's pretty cool. Other products do something similar but I can find nothing else that does exactly what everRun does. By deploying it we've also stopped changing our servers every 3 years which saves £10K-£15K every time.

Technical & Operations Director, Market Research Agency