High availability protection with Stratus everRun and 24/7 Uptime

The taste of sweet success for 24/7 Uptime and Stratus everRun MX

The organisation is a Lisbon-based sugar refinery owned by one of the largest global sugar producers.   It is the largest sugar refinery in Portugal, manufacturing almost 5,000 tonnes of sugar per week.  The organisation produces the two most famous retail sugar brands in Portugal and Spain.


The sugar refinery relies on real-time operation management software from Wonderware to reduce manufacturing costs, increase production, throughput and product quality in manufacturing and infrastructure operations.  With both Wonderware and Stratus everRun (formerly Marathon everRun) being the preferred solutions of the parent company, the Lisbon refinery needed high availability protection to ensure production was not affected by unplanned downtime.


everRun MX was selected to provide high availability protection of their critical environments to the highest levels of system fault tolerance. Zero downtime and process interruption was a must.  24/7 Uptime is their preferred European services partner, providing technical consultancy and installation services to protect the Wonderware Historian environment.

The installation of the everRun MX software went very well. 24/7 Uptime’s installation engineer was very methodical in his approach to the necessary steps required and the installation was done with precision. Pre-installation collaboration ensured we had all the necessary hardware components at installation start. However, some of the server components had not been physically installed by our IT group and 24/7 Uptime’s engineer quickly identified and resolved these. Throughout the process, 24/7’s engineer kept me in pace with his sound technical knowledge. He did an amazing job of conveying the technical aspects of this advanced software. He was sure to allot time for ‘knowledge transfer’ after key components had been configured and introduced. Thorough testing to simulate ‘disaster scenarios’ gave me the confidence that, in the case of a complete server failure, our software will have high availability protection. It’s nice to have the peace of mind that our important process data will always be collected.

Control Systems Engineer

The taste of sweet success for 24/7 Uptime and Stratus everRun MX


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