Broadcast network infrastructure needs always on availability

The organisation is a leading commercial radio station operating from more than 20 broadcast centres across the UK.  Many of its radio brands are household names enjoyed by millions of listeners each week.


In the first quarter of 2013, the company planned to move two of its radio brands to a new broadcast centre in the Midlands.  As part of the move, the broadcast network infrastructure team wanted to ensure they had full system resilience to protect their Genesis broadcasting software.  Genesis works in a mission critical environment and a single instance of downtime could potentially result in a substantial loss of advertising revenue for the organisation.  Additionally, the initial hardware requirement was substantial so the company wanted to reduce their hardware needs at the same time.


everRun MX fault tolerant software had been recommended to the company by ENCO, a world leader in audio playout and automation system solutions for radio and television systems worldwide.  ENCO were already using everRun MX as their redundancy and fault tolerant solution.


We worked with the company’s network infrastructure team to specify suitable hardware that could cope with the processing of the required environments, whilst protecting each one to the appropriate level of resilience.  Selecting the correct hardware is a key requirement and one in which 24/7 Uptime has considerable experience.  Extensive pre-installation checks were conducted to ensure the company’s infrastructure team were configuring the hardware to everRun supported guidelines.


The date for changing to the new broadcast centre was set in stone so there could be no compromise on the go live date.  Working to extremely tight timescales whilst the new premises were being finalised, 24/7 Uptime engineers successfully installed everRun MX at the company’s original premises.  This was then later moved to the newly completed premises by the in-house infrastructure team.


Since the initial installation, the company started to introduce everRun high availability software across its entire broadcasting estate which includes many major cities across the UK.

It's been an absolute breeze since we installed it - just knowing the system will stay up and running if one of the servers had a problem is very reassuring. We had 6 discrete boxes and felt it was inevitable that one would randomly crash at some point. Having virtualised and put everything onto two servers, supported and protected by everRun, means there is significantly less likelihood of anything going wrong. We even needed to do a little reconfiguration work whilst we were live on air but everRun didn’t skip a beat. It’s absolutely solid, working 24/7.

Infrastructure Specialist