Insurance companies trust Replicate Data to protect their valuable records and comply with guidance requirements

SME Protect Insurance Brokers Don’t Take Risks With Their Client Data

SME Protect Insurance Brokers are based in Stalybridge, Tameside and deal in commercial and domestic insurance.  The company is managed by David & Andrea Lees, who share more than 50 years’ experience in the insurance industry.


Very little of their company information is paper-based these days. All client files, data and communications, together with insurance industry statistics, are stored on their computers. It’s essential that we protect these – particularly their client records which contain a history of all enquiries, quotes and transactions completed. That’s a hefty amount of information for them – several thousand records – and it would be an absolute nightmare if they lost it.

Peace of mind is our driver. With this offsite data backup solution we know that if our computers are stolen, damaged in a fire or something like a virus damages our systems then we can just pick up the phone to 24/7 Uptime and they will help us through the incident.

It’s very important to us that 24/7 Uptime are local. We advertise ourselves as a local business and abide by those values. The team at 24/7 Uptime are very responsive and whenever we have picked up the phone or emailed them, they have simply responded straightaway. We trust them implicitly and know they help us protect our valuable commercial interests. And the price? Well it’s just great – we were really surprised at how cost effective it is to safeguard our data and we continue to recommend 24/7 Uptime to our clients.

David Lees, Managing Director