Data backup solutions from 24/7 Uptime.

Mark 1 Business Systems Retrieved All Data Within Minutes Of Database Crash.

Like most small business owners, Mark Nolan of Mark 1 Business Systems doesn’t have the time to remember to back up, to make sure it’s done right – he’s too busy doing what he’s good at. So in 2009 he signed up to Replicate Data from 24/7 Uptime, an off-site automated backup storage solution.

We’re an ISO training company and we do everything online – it’s completely paperless. All of the company’s ISO training work is backed up by the data centre where it is hosted but other aspects of the business – quotes, leads, accounts – were at risk because they sat on the company’s server. I could do tape backups but that only works when you remember to do it. I had to find a way to automate it so that I could spend my time and energy doing what I’m good at, running the business. It was cost effective from our point of view and the peace of mind, just knowing everything’s OK. And they have good reporting too – so it reminds me if I’ve forgotten to leave a computer on, and so it hasn’t been backed up.

All of this paid off in December 2009 when a database crashed. It was the database that deals with our invoicing. Not only would it have taken me a day and a half to repopulate it all, but the invoicing would have gone out late – it would have been a pain. And instead, I got it all back in two minutes.

Mark Nolan, Managing Director