Trust Replicate Data, off site data backup from 24/7 Uptime to protect your financial records

This Data Backup System Is A Real Godsend.

Christina A. from Implicit Wealth Management has been a Replicate Data client since January 2010.  As a professional financial adviser, the security of her client data is of paramount importance; both to her personally and, of course, to ensure the company complies with Data Protection legislation.


Christina had no reason to test our backup service until March 2012 when she had real problems with the hard drive on her laptop.  She quickly got a new laptop but, because her original laptop was encrypted (to comply with FSA regulations for protection of client data), she could not get the data off it and onto her new machine.  She did attempt to decrypt the drive but it was too time consuming and full of errors due to hard drive damage.  So she simply downloaded the Replicate Data software again and restored all her data onto her new laptop.


We were only alerted to her problem when we saw she had downloaded the trial software again.  That prompted a call to her to check everything was OK – but by that time she had resolved most of her own issues and had only a couple of questions to ask.

24/7 Uptime’s data backup service has been a Godsend – I wouldn’t be without it. I couldn’t get my data back from my old laptop but with Replicate Data it was so easy; I was back up and running within a day. My colleagues were extremely impressed.

Christina A, Financial Adviser