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Data Backup is Magic for Hotowka

John Hotowka is a successful public speaker, humorist and magician who speaks at conferences, awards ceremonies and private dinners.  Both John and 24/7 Uptime are members of the same networking group so have known one another for some time.


Earlier this year we learned, via an update posted on LinkedIn, that John had experienced computer problems.  At the time he was busy trying to retrieve and reinstate his data so that was his priority.  However, once the crisis was over, John then spoke to us about backing up his data offsite to prevent problems recurring in the future.


As well as his financial records and marketing materials, John’s business critical information consists of a valuable Excel customer database containing more than 22 years’ worth of client records.  He also relies heavily on Outlook, using it to store all contact information, set and store appointments, etc.

The initial problem occurred when I installed Internet Explorer 9 – for some reason it knocked my computer out completely. Thankfully I only lost Outlook and a few documents but that was still a major upheaval; I couldn’t use the computer for 3 days and it took me 3 weeks to get all my data back in again.

It’s good that that backup is now in place but I hope I don’t ever have to use it because there’s another problem. It’s peace of mind that I’ve now got all the information backed up that I need. And the service from 24/7 Uptime has been great; they’ve really helped me out.

John Hotowka, Magician & Public Speaker