Graphic designers create lots of data: backup and protect it with Replicate Data from 24/7 Uptime

Tailor-Made Back Up Solution For Graphic Designers With ‘Fort Knox’ Attitude To Data Protection

As a creative design consultancy, this company generates a huge amount of data, including client artwork and photography for use in product literature, exhibition displays, corporate identity work, manuals and web sites.

Graphics and image files take up a vast amount of space. We need to safely store each client’s back catalogue of designs yet we also need easy access to recent and current work because we may need to work with it again. We use different methods to protect their data and Replicate Data from 24/7 Uptime fits into their overall solution. Brand new and recent project work is protected with Replicate Data. That means our team can easily retrieve single images or files at the click of a mouse. Once the data is more than 12 months old or used less frequently then it is archived to hard drives which are stored in offsite safes.

We have a ‘Fort Knox’ attitude to data protection. We are very aware that we are protecting copyright and client confidential data – but we must also protect the hours of time and skill required to create these designs in the first place. If we were to lose all our files and have to start again from scratch then it would create a tremendous problem. We could recreate designs to a point but the cost of doing so would be staggering.

24/7 Uptime listened to our issues and helped us think through the problems. They were very approachable, flexible and didn’t just try to sign us up; they tailor-made a backup service that is right for us. I am very happy with the results.

Kate F, Creative Director