24/7 Uptime's data backup solution protects training scenarios, courses and customer records

Crisis Management Trainer Buys Peace of Mind with 24/7 Uptime Data Backup.

AMTV is a specialist training company that delivers media training, crisis management and presentation skills training.  Headed by former award-winning BBC TV reporter and producer, Alistair Macdonald, AMTV relies on 24/7 Uptime to protect vital business data.

AMTV chose Replicate Data from 24/7 Uptime to protect all our intellectual property – that’s more than 25 years’ worth of very extensive training notes including detailed crisis management scenarios, course information, timetables, templates, notes and scripts.

It’s a huge amount of information and the entire backbone of our operation. If I lost it, it simply wouldn’t be worth starting in business again because I couldn’t replace such a vast amount of documentation. Of course, the backup software also protects the mechanics of the business as well as client data, invoicing, financial information, etc but it’s the intellectual property that’s the real essential. I’m not just buying a backup solution – I’m buying peace of mind that my business is protected. I used backup tapes for several years but never actually checked to see if they worked. Because this offsite backup system is automated, I don’t have to remember to do it; it simply happens in the background. And the service from 24/7 Uptime is absolutely terrific – it’s very, very good. We have wholeheartedly recommended them and this solution to others.

Alistair Macdonald, Managing Director