Replicate Data & 8020 Financial Management

Real peace of mind that vital business information is stored safely

Having worked as a Finance Director since 1996, Tracey Booth chose 2010 as the year to set up her own accountancy practice, 8020 Financial Management.


Her work is varied: 8020 Financial Management provides financial management for small and medium sized businesses by offering a bookkeeping and financial management service. As well as providing a cost effective and professional bookkeeping service to clients, Tracey offers all the advantages of having a Financial Director as part of your management team but at a fraction of the cost of a comparable full time FD.

I have been using Replicate Data from 24/7 Uptime as my data backup solution since August 2012. The initial setting up was easy and pain-free, and the backups run automatically so I don't have to think about them. I now have peace of mind that, should some IT disaster occur, I will have quick and easy access to my data and my business will not be detrimentally affected. On the odd occasion that the backup doesn't run according to plan - and this has always been because I have unwittingly made some major changes to my files or systems - Chris, Tracy or the team have quickly rectified the situation and ensured that the backup service is resumed promptly. I can't recommend 24/7 Uptime highly enough for the service they provide.

Tracey Booth, MD