High availability hosting is necessary for retail insights provider for always on reporting

247host Adds Up For Retail Performance Insight Co

The company is a leading provider of retail performance insights, analysing customer counting and sales for organisations worldwide.    The company provides sales and footfall reports to hundreds of retailers, shopping centres and high streets each week.  Data is inputted overnight from all over the world to form the basis of these reports.


24/7 Uptime was approached about 247host high availability hosting in September 2011.  At that time, the company had their systems hosted on three different environments and were concerned about system availability.  247host had been recommended to them so they transferred one environment across to a high availability dedicated virtual machine environment.  After proving the availability of their systems over a 12 month period, the decision was then reached to switch the dedicated virtual machine to a full server hosting protected by Stratus everRun.  This allowed them to consolidate their previous three environments into one highly resilient, fault tolerant environment.

Our confidence in the availability of the hosting has enabled us to develop plans for further systems and to broaden the use of our software. We are looking to expand even further afield next year and the combined high availability benefits of 247host and everRun will be an essential part of that process.

Technical Director