247host is the high availability hosting solution used by cookery ideas web site

Cookery Ideas chose high availability hosting to avoid web site downtime

Bob Toovey based in France has been a 247host client since September 2012.  He creates and manages a number of different web sites for clients, including food and recipe blogs.


After suffering real downtime issues with his current hosting providers, he sought an alternative hosting company.  In his own words, he explains why he transferred his business to 24/7 Uptime:

When my former hosting company went through a patch of problems I was happy to continue with them until my clients, who used the same service, lost data. Not only that but the level of communication at the time was appalling. We had no idea what was going on. That was when I knew I had to upgrade to a more professional hosting solution.

A single tweet asking for recommendations for a new host was answered promptly by 24/7 Uptime – the only hosting company to do so. I was quickly impressed by their data backup services and redundant infrastructure; I know I won’t lose data or suffer any downtime (offline web sites can cost money). Not only that but I had contact with a great support team who ensured everything was ready before I transferred my sites across. With reassurances direct from the management team on the safety and security of my web sites, paying slightly more for peace of mind is well worth it and a sound investment for any business web site.

Bob Toovey, Business Owner