Stratus ztC Edge 200i/250iIntroducing Stratus ztC Edge 200i/250i – robust, always on computing platform for critical edge of network systems.


Stratus launched the revolutionary ztC Edge range in 2019 and have now introduced Stratus ztC Edge 200i/250i.  These latest versions are at the forefront of keeping edge of network systems up and running to the same level of resilience as centralised and data centre based critical systems.  ztC stands for Zero-touch Edge Computing for up to 10,000 I/Os in Pharma, Manufacturing, Food & Beverage, Speciality Chemicals, Oil & Gas and many other industrial verticals.  Stratus ztC Edge comprises dedicated hardware in the form of two identical small form factor industrial grade servers, coupled with the fault tolerant patented Stratus software technology.


Select from 200i (HA version – 6 HT cores (12 threads), 32Gb RAM, 1 Tb SSD) or the fault tolerant 250i version (10 HT cores (20 threads), 64Gb RAM, 2 Tb SSD) to match the required level of resilience.


With a typical lifespan double that of standard off the shelf servers, ztC Edge offers a cost effective, no nonsense, always on platform out of the data centre and at the sharp end of industrial computing. ztC Edge is also available as a single standalone rugged industrial server unit – for less critical applications (but can be pooled together with an additional unit to provide HA or Fault Tolerance further down the system evolution chain).


The result is fault tolerance ‘all in’ with the complete solution, including hardware, supported by 24/7 Uptime’s expert team and backed by Stratus global support network.  With the ability to geographically separate the two host servers, ztC Edge provide fault tolerant system availability AND campus wide disaster recovery in a single solution.


All this without the need for shared storage or additional arbitrating management computers or modules.


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Stratus ztC Edge 200i/250i