Stratus releases everRun 7.2 software – this latest software release provides fully-integrated disaster recovery capabilities to provide complete end-to-end protection of critical infrastructures so organisations can maintain compliance and business continuity should the unthinkable occur. With this release, Stratus is also expanding its software portfolio with the addition of everRun Express, a high availability solution that offers all the features and functionality of everRun Enterprise with the exception of selectable availability.


“Our mission is to ensure that all Stratus customers are able to experience unparalleled availability — regardless of the nature of their apps, or where they live,” said Nigel Dessau, Chief Marketing Officer at Stratus Technologies. “The addition of disaster recovery further bolsters our already strong business continuity capabilities. Our software defined approach — capable of delivering dynamically adjustable levels of availability — is an industry game-changer that will be pivotal to how we deliver enterprise-class availability in the cloud.” “everRun Enterprise supports the largest number and sizes of virtual machines in the industry and is used in some of the most mission critical deployments. Other IT vendors may claim that they have this capability in their roadmaps but Stratus is continuing to lead in this area and has over 30 years of experience to back it up.” “everRun Express takes the idea of other high availability and clustering products a step further. For example, the advanced management capabilities of everRun are constantly aware of the system, enabling a proactive, rather than reactive approach to event handling. This means shorter periods of downtime (seconds, not minutes) which translates to less loss of productivity and data.”


Both everRun Enterprise and everRun Express are fully-comprehensive, offering end-to-end protection, as well as the following features and functionality:
Split-site Cross Campus – provides application fault tolerance across geographically separated sites

High Availability or Fault-Tolerant protection* – for symmetric multiprocessor (SMP) and multi-core workloads

Stratus One View console – enables users to build, designate, deploy, monitor and manage everRun instances and virtual machines from one centralised location

Availability Engine – achieves always-on availability with applications mirrored on two virtual machines with no data loss or machine restarts

System Watchdog and Alerting Service – constantly monitors systems and automatically sends a system-level notification should a fault occur

Application Monitoring – reduces downtime as well as simplifies, accelerates and optimizes performance by providing visibility across IT environments and delivering automatic diagnosis

Disaster Recovery – mitigates the impact disaster has on the bottom line by using built-in asynchronous replication between sites over a wide area network connection

* everRun Express offers high availability only

Contact us to find out how everRun Enterprise and everRun Express can prevent system downtime in your business.


Stratus releases fully-integrated Disaster Recovery module – and new everRun Express high availability protection