Stratus have released the latest version of ftServer – their hardware based “fault tolerance in a box” solution.  With faster processing speeds, more processing cores, faster memory, increased CPU cache (in fact, faster everything!) the new 800 series delivers superb performance whilst ensuring systems stay up and running no matter what.


Rather than react to failures, ftServer prevents them in the first place.  It’s a simple approach but one that has been trusted by users in emergency services, banking systems, oil & gas systems, health service systems, government and military, etc, for more than 30 years.


The latest version of ftServer provides an even more powerful platform whilst ensuring systems that need to be always on are just that – always on.


  • Unmatched business continuity and data integrity;
  • Outstanding serviceability – with 24/7/365 automated alerting and hot plug & play parts replacement service;
  • Windows and Linux standard OS support;
  • 16 or 24 core processing platform at superfast clock speed;
  • Improved QPI performance and CPU cache;
  • Upto 1Tb Memory using up to 119Gb Memory Bandwidth and 1866 MHz DIMM speed;
  • VMware or HyperV ready;
  • Up to 9.2Tb internal storage capacity;
  • Optional ftStorage array can provide up to an incredible 172Tb of disk space


ftServer Gen8: faster, more powerful and the ultimate in ensuring critical system availability.

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Stratus ftServer Gen8 is here!