Stratus Monitor has arrived – an integrated solution enhancing the ability to monitor everRun and ftServer systems and peripheral devices, providing full visibility across your entire solution.


Stratus Monitor is a simple yet powerful performance monitoring solution, purpose-built to continuously maintain the health and availability of mission-critical, integrated automation systems and applications.  This could be for an access control system, video monitoring system, building management system, manufacturing automation system, data centre infrastructure management system and many other types of systems.


Unlike network resources managed remotely by corporate IT departments, operations engineers are responsible for managing the control software applications that automate the building security, building automation, plant automation or other integrated automation environments.  Stratus Monitor is designed to provide operational managers with a single, unified view of the status of the hardware, operating systems and software applications, network devices, edge devices and workstations needed to keep the automation environment running at all times.  Edge devices can be discovered and supported through SNMP.  In addition, ONVIF profile S is supported for cameras.


  • Continuously monitor the health & availability of all components in an integrated automation system;
  • Maximise uptime for the OS and software applications;
  • Access a single view of mission-critical automated system infrastructure;
  • Detect system performance issues ahead of time and respond before downtime occurs;
  • Continuously monitor system resources and automatically restart unavailable applications;
  • Customise alert thresholds to provide real-time email notifications of potential issues.


Stratus everRun fault tolerant software ensures your environment is up and running 24/7.  Stratus Monitor now means that what’s running inside the environment is also kept up and running through OS failures and application crashes.  That’s a powerful combination to deliver complete end-to-end protection.


Please contact us to learn more about Stratus Monitor and how it can protect your organisation.


Stratus everRun Monitor has arrived