Stratus have announced the next-generation software solution: Stratus everRun Enterprise.    everRun Enterprise combines the best of Stratus’ own high-availability software solution – Stratus Avance – with technology originally from Marathon Technologies – everRun MX.  The result is the powerful fault tolerance provided by everRun with the simpler to use and manage features provided by Avance.


BUT – it doesn’t stop there…


Integrated disaster recovery alongside fault tolerant computing provides a complete end to end software based resilient solution.  Deployed on standard off the shelf hardware and with no scripting required, it’s a powerful and simple to manage solution.  A huge step forward is the fault tolerant protection of Windows server, Windows desktop and Linux operating systems.  Central connectivity for automated fault identification and diagnosis is also included in this new solution (previously limited to Stratus’ hardware based ftServer technology).


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everRun Enterprise