Stratus everRun and VMWare - edge computing differencesWe are often asked about the key differences between Stratus everRun and VMWare when clients are considering protecting critical systems from downtime.  So, for a techy question, here’s our non-techy explanation:


everRun was originally developed (by Marathon Technologies) as a purpose built fault tolerant / high availability solution, specifically designed to take advantage of emerging virtualisation techniques.  In other words, its development was solely to satisfy the increased requirement for always on computing – in as simple an architecture as possible.  Its design is particularly suitable for out of data centre deployments where on site IT resource is minimal or not available (more commonly called “Edge” computing these days).  So everRun is the solution to consider if you are protecting a typical out of data centre edge computing environment, but where local resilience is essential.


VMware was originally designed to address the increasing requirement to use less server hardware predominantly in the data centre, where on site IT resource IS available.  It is, of course, the market leading hypervisor (Microsoft may argue with that nowadays of course)  facilitating mass computing environments on a smaller (more carbon efficient) platform.   So it was NOT designed as a purpose built fault tolerant / high availability solution, rather that is a subsequent development due to ongoing centralised “in data centre” always on computing demand.


Once deployed – everRun is an automated HA / FT solution, requiring minimal human input.  VMware is much more widely adopted and has bigger press of course but, in a HA or FT deployment, it is more complex, requires thought on what will happen in certain failure scenarios and requires the use of shared storage (a single point of failure and added infrastructure complication).  It also needs more human intervention.


So in summary, edge of network critical systems need the highest levels of resilience with nil or minimal human intervention.  If that’s what you need when making the choice between Stratus everRun and VMWare, everRun wins hands down.


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Stratus everRun and VMWare – the differences?