Stratus everRun 7.5 released

Stratus Technologies has announced the release of Stratus everRun 7.5.   everRun 7.5 provides even more user benefits than previous versions of the software:

~  enhances the user interface and performance;

~  improves system security;

~  includes significant synchronisation and networking enhancements to improve performance;

~  improves VM management capabilities;

~  improves network status information;

~  enhances performance statistics;

~  very importantly – the Stratus everRun 7.5 release includes patches for the Intel Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities.


The everRun fault tolerant software solution already ensures zero downtime and data loss in more than 30,000 global deployments.  This is in the event of single or multiple component failures or even full physical server failures.  Critical systems protected by Stratus everRun include those deployed in oil and gas, banking, security, manufacturing (SCADA), access control and building management sectors.  These industries rely on everRun to save lives, protect earnings and reputation.


24/7 Uptime are the UK’s leading experts in consultancy, design, deployment and ongoing support of the Stratus everRun solution.   Contact us to find out more.


Learn more about Fault Tolerant Solutions and Stratus everRun.



Stratus everRun 7.5 Release