You know and we know that the cost of unplanned downtime can really add up and have a negative impact on your business.  Many large businesses have learned that these costs can quickly spiral out of control, racking up costs of thousands of pounds or dollars per hour.  Yet downtime has wider impact than just new kit, lost production and an idle workforce; there are other less obvious implications:


  • investigation & review costs
  • insurance claims
  • additional labour costs to make up for lost time
  • health & safety investigations
  • damage to reputation
  • lost future sales


Increasingly, the world is demanding an ‘always on’ environment so five nine’s system and network availability is becoming more and more of a priority for organisations.


We know there are a plethora of high availability options out there but we are here to help.  what you need to know is that you are working with the experts who can help you sort out the wheat from the chaff and get the right solution for your business and your budget.

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Stay Up – Not Down