No organisation can operate without data - so choose an off site data backup system you can trust.

Contracts, sales records, proposals, accounting systems, business contacts and emails make up valuable business assets that you simply cannot afford to lose.


Yet how often do you remember to take a data backup? Weekly? Daily? And where do you keep your backup CDs or memory sticks? Stored safely so you can recover data in an emergency? Or in your office next to your computer perhaps? Have you tried a test restore to check they work?


24/7 Uptime provides businesses and other organisations with a secure, automated off site data backup solution. Replicate Data, our online data backup software, removes the worry of protecting highly critical information. In other words, we help our clients sleep easy at night.

Off site Data Backup

Off Site Data Backup Benefits For Your Business:

♥ Easy to install, easy to use, easy to restore;

♥ No specialist IT skills required;

♥ Automatic backup – no need to change disks, tapes, etc;

♥ No need to take media off site for security purposes;

♥ Extremely cost effective and billed on a monthly subscription basis;

♥ Save time and effort without retrieving off site media;
♥ No capital investment in drives, media, infrastructure or scheduling software required;
♥ All data is encrypted and password protected for security;
♥ Restore single files, folders or a complete server, PC or Mac.

Wouldn't it be good to know your data is safely backed up off site each day?

With our off site data backup solution it is!

24/7 Uptime's data backup solution is easy to use, very cost effective and backed up by great customer service!

Andrew Morphet - Managing Director, Synergy Property Services

Many thanks for all your help 24/7 Uptime - professional data backup support services as always!

Mike Lister - Managing Director, Mobile-e-Solutions

24/7 Uptime have done a fantastic job of working with me to determine a suitable offsite data backup solution for my business. They were able to remote demo the tool, talk to me through all relevant aspects and get the backup set up within an hour. They offer a personable, competitively priced and user friendly solution, and I would highly recommend them.

Julia Padget, Director - Icevale Consulting

Of absolute immeasurable value is the proactive support we receive from 24/7 Uptime. They contacted us recently and raised a particular issue before we were even aware it could be a problem. That shows they monitor the data backup service they provide. I am always impressed by proactive service - it means I don't need to worry about it because someone else does!

Managing Director, Software Development Co

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