Business critical systems must be available 24/7 - particularly since downtime is not acceptable in today's 'always on' world

We provide both hardware based and software based fault tolerant / high availability solutions.  Stratus everRun (formerly Marathon everRun) is the world's leading software based solution, Stratus ftServer remains the most powerful, low maintenance complete fault tolerant hardware package and ztC Edge combines robust commercial server architecture with Stratus's everRun software solution.

Are you still reacting to failures? Don't compromise and accept 'good enough' system availability

Many organisations simply react to system failures.  When an IT failure occurs, systems go down, operations stop and IT staff are called upon to perform a recovery.  This downtime can have a huge impact on sales, critical operations, employee productivity and client satisfaction levels.  But you don’t need to accept that this is good enough.

fault tolerant solutions from 24/7 Uptime

Now you can move from a reactive recovery-based model to a proactive, prevention-based model in which downtime is prevented.  Even businesses with limited IT resources can have a simple and affordable solution to keep IT systems up and running during system failures to ensure continuous business operations.

Take a look at this short overview that shows what Stratus fault tolerant solutions can do to benefit your business:

Business Benefits Summary:

Continuous uptime improves:

  • sales and revenue opportunities;
  •  productivity;
  • client satisfaction and reputation;

Fewer servers means:

  • simpler technical infrastructure;
  • smaller hardware footprint;
  • easier to maintain and support (can even be maintenance free);
  • scalable: more IT systems doesn't mean more hardware;
  • lower energy bills = a greener IT infrastructure.

everRun Enterprise and Express software uses off the shelf hardware (IBM, Dell, HP - you decide);

Stratus ftServer hardware is a complete solution with fault tolerance in a single unit;

Stratus ztC Edge combines solid state industrial servers with the Stratus HA and fault tolerant software solution.


Take a look at our blog post about the Stratus Downtime Prevention Buyer's Guide.

Fault tolerant solutions are the answer. Banish server failures forever.

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