How will your organisation survive if disaster strikes? Could you continue to operate if your server room or data centre is damaged by fire or flood?

To date, companies have been forced to look at fragmented, cobbled together solutions to protect against local server and/or component failures as well as real time disaster recovery (DR) and failover technology.

Even worse, companies have been forced to deploy an inappropriate solution handling any outage, however small, as a full site disaster.  Typically this also involves complicated recovery procedures after a failover, including system downtime at recovery as well as when the fault or disaster strikes.

We provide site to site asynchronous replication - ensuring business continues in the event of complete power outage / fire / flood etc either as a standalone solution or in conjunction with our fault tolerant business continuity solutions.  That means complete end to end resilience to suit your budget and technical requirements.

Disaster recovery software solutions from 24/7 Uptime

Now There Is No Need To Cobble Together Two Different Solutions For High Availability & Disaster Recovery Purposes

Our integrated fault tolerant, high availability and disaster recovery software solutions ensure end-to-end application availability no matter what the circumstances.  Ensuring your applications can sustain a local failure is only half of the equation.  Being prepared for a larger disruption is critical to delivery in the 'always on' world.

We unlock the power of multi-core fault tolerance for local protection and combine it with industry leading replication technology to address off-site disaster recovery requirements.

We deploy the only solution providing full fault tolerance to applications that require 100% uptime, combined with replication technology that ensures rapid failover to a secondary location should full site outage or disaster strike.  Local outages are local issues and only site outages should invoke full disaster recovery failover to a second site.


Take a look at everRun Extend Disaster Recovery.

As a 24/7 operation, we cannot afford business interruption so it's absolutely essential that we protect our business-critical ERP system. Now we can create a snapshot on a live machine at our DR site and test our data. We undertake this test every six months and then simply delete the test when complete. We have another site less than five miles away from our headquarters that we use as our disaster recovery site. It's easy and simple to use. We undertook an exercise that we expected would take a few hours – but it literally took 10 minutes. We hope we never need to use the DR element in anger but it’s really reassuring to know it's there if we need it.

Disaster Recovery Manager, International Livestock Breeding Organisation

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