Smart data centres choose fault tolerance

This week, one of our engineers is making a second visit to a major new smart data centre development site in Scandinavia.  Superb innovative use of natural resources and green energy technology means the new era of smart data centres are completely carbon neutral/emission free.


Our customer needs reliable building management systems to ensure temperature / power / access control is managed and monitored 24/7 – ie, keeping the data centre halls functioning efficiently.  System downtime cannot be tolerated so fault tolerant server technology is therefore absolutely essential.


Having implemented our 2 x server solution using the Stratus everRun fault tolerant software system on site in ‘lab’ conditions back in November 2017, our engineer is now splitting the 2 x host servers to separate server rooms at either end of the first data centre hall.  So not only are the systems kept up and running 24/7 if a component or even a full server fails – they are now also geographically separated so a fire/flood/power outage in one of the server rooms does not mean there is any critical system outage.


To our surprise at 24/7 Uptime HQ, our engineer is enjoying the beautiful Scandinavian mountains in up to 29 degrees sunshine that lasts 20 hours each day!  Who knew?!


Smart data centres and other critical infrastructure systems must be up and running no matter what.  Want to learn how we can help you?  Take a look at our Data Centres sector page and one of our data centre case studies.


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Smart Data Centres Choose Fault Tolerance