High availability retail transactions

Online retailers face their own particular challenges: customers can come from anywhere in the world and shop at any time of day or night.

Not only do your customers expect around-the-clock access to your business; they demand it.  To be successful you must meet the needs of the 'always on' world by being an 'always on' business.  That means high availability and fault tolerance isn't a nice to have - it's a business necessity.


Whether you retail goods, holidays, tickets, services or treatments, even a minute of downtime can result in loss of revenues, loss of customers and loss of reputation.

Retailers rely on Stratus everRun and ftServer to protect:

♥  Online shopping and payment systems, meaning your systems can cope during peak periods;

♥  Online bookings and reservation systems that allow users to check availability in real time;

♥  Interfaces to back office systems that integrate with sales order processing systems.

Our ERP system is a core business application so it mustn't stop working - ever. In the past we used another solution but suffered downtime every month. That's why we moved to the Stratus everRun solution and it has served us well. Just recently, one of our servers failed but everRun took over seamlessly. It was just as our colleagues from another time zone came online but they didn't notice any difference to usual operations.

IT Manager, International Livestock Form

ftServer - the fastest servers I have ever used.

Senior Software Engineer/Systems Analyst, Transport Booking & Managment Software Co

We are extremely impressed with the power and simplicity of the everRun solution. This installation has given us increased confidence in our server hosting platform. The 24/7 Uptime team has been consistently efficient and have provided us with a very high standard of support which, in turn, has enabled us to provide a high level of service to our clients.

Managing Director, Online Booking Systems Specialist

We are looking to expand even further afield next year and the combined high availability benefits of everRun and 247host will be an essential part of that process.

Head of Technical Development - Retail Performance Insight Co

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