24/7 Uptime ensures manufacturing high availability with Stratus solutions

For manufacturers, even a minute of system downtime can spoil products, ruin schedules and impact earnings.

Add to this, increased waste, damaged reputation and compromised safety and that is a real business risk.  We work with our clients to avoid this.


While process automation solutions do much to accelerate, optimise and protect manufacturing processes, the software itself has to be protected from downtime or loss.


We supply Stratus fault tolerant, high availability software and hardware - with real-time validation and automation creating a resilient environment for critical applications.  In heavily regulated industries, such as pharmaceuticals and food manufacturing, they proactively prevent data loss that would threaten compliance.

Leading manufacturers rely on 24/7 Uptime and Stratus to:

♥  Provide the right manufacturing high availability solutions for their business;


♥  Prevent costly downtime to automation applications running vital manufacturing processes;


♥  Comply with government regulations for data protection and availability;


♥  Support industry applications without modification;


♥  React to and correct failures automatically without IT intervention.

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Installing Stratus everRun has been a very smooth process. 24/7 Uptime were extremely thorough in their pre-install due diligence; we had already ordered our hardware but 24/7 Uptime pointed out additional requirements that we hadn't considered. Their installation engineer was very knowledgeable, open and frank and explained what he was doing at every stage of the project. Whilst the fault tolerant system has yet to be tested in earnest we have full confidence that, should one of our servers have a problem or crash, the everRun installation will keep us up and running and tolerate any problems. This is essential for our reporting and manufacturing processes.

C&I Projects Team Leader, Sugar Refining Co

everRun high availability software provides us with additional layers of protection for raw data. This means that in the event of a hardware failure, we can continue with our manufacturing and test operations without delay. everRun has allowed us to reduce the recovery time from a few hours to a matter of seconds. It fits well within our company in terms of our size and what we need. When clients come on a tour of our premises, we can demonstrate that we have in place secure data storage and comprehensive disaster recovery. This provides confidence that if there is a problem with the IT system, it will not impact a client’s critical deadlines.

Project Manager, Melbourn Intertek

The installation of the everRun software went very well. 24/7 Uptime’s installation engineer was very methodical in his approach to the necessary steps required and the installation was done with precision. Pre-installation collaboration ensured we had all the necessary hardware components at installation start. However, some of the server components had not been physically installed by our IT group and 24/7 Uptime’s engineer quickly identified and resolved these issues. Throughout the process, 24/7’s engineer kept me in pace with his sound technical knowledge. He did an amazing job of conveying the technical aspects of this advanced software. He was sure to allot time for ‘knowledge transfer’ after key components had been configured and introduced. Thorough testing to simulate ‘disaster scenarios’ gave me the confidence that, in the case of a complete server failure, our software will continue unaffected. It’s nice to have the peace of mind that our important process data will always be collected.

Control Systems Engineer, Sugar Refining Co, Lisbon

We have used everRun in one form or another for many years and firmly believe it is the best to deliver maximum availability for our business critical applications. everRun software works seamlessly with our factory floor management, stock and order processing systems.

Group Infrastructure Manager - Meat Processing Co

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