IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things)

Automating uptime is an absolute pre-requisite for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT).

Automation and control of domestic systems such as heating, air conditioning, CCTV and smart fridges being managed and controlled from smart phones is becoming commonplace.

When this rapidly emerging concept is applied to industrial systems such as manufacturing, smart buildings, energy producers, etc then the opportunities provided by IIoT has exciting efficiency, productivity and cost saving benefits.  It also comes with a whole set of new challenges.  Increases in reliably available data to tap into and drive IIoT concepts (big data), dependency on communications, plus the criticality of analytics to leverage the power of IIoT means 100% availability of central and edge technologies is absolutely essential.  This must be addressed right from the start and, for most industries, the path to IIoT will be an evolutionary journey.  Before you can begin to tap into the potential of next-generation, big data-driven, intelligent automation you need to modernise the foundation on which it is built.  Otherwise the risk of failure at any level compromises the whole concept of the automated integration of these internet connected 'things'.

The transition to IIoT will come with implementation costs.  Many are taking their first steps towards IIoT by deploying virtualisation to reduce costs.  However, the combination of the 'always-on' requirement with virtualisation in a non-data centre environment can actually add costs and complexity.  Our solutions build fault tolerance, virtualisation, monitoring and downtime prevention features into a single solution.  That gives you a smaller technology footprint that doesn't require an army of people who are necessary for many of the complex and less reliable clustered environments that provide lower levels of system availability.

In a nutshell, the everRun and ftServer fault tolerant solutions from Stratus Technologies bring proven reliable continuous system availability for organisations looking to leverage the IIoT.

We already have a proven track record in protecting technologies such as SCADA, HMI and Historian database solutions from providers such as Tridium, Johnson Controls, Schneider, Rockwell, Siemens and many more.  Ultimately this means our fault tolerant solutions provide an easy roadmap to a robust and reliable IIoT solution.

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