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High Availability For Financial Services Is A Must.

In today's always on world, high volume financial transaction systems must be available and perform at super-fast speed.  Consistently available global 24/7 access with the fastest transaction processing possible is not a nice to have, it's got to be a given.  There is no room for system downtime or latency in processing.  Trading applications require high volume accurate processing at nanosecond speeds, whilst credit and debit card authorisations require transaction processing in real time.  Imagine the potential revenue loss and knock-on effects of late or non-payments for thousands of organisations and/or individuals.  The effect on reputation can be devastating, as is the case for many high profile financial system outages.


Old fashioned backup and failover systems are simply not good enough.  In today's financial environments, high availability for financial services is a must.

Stratus solutions ensure always on availability of applications across retail banking, corporate banking and trading markets. 

These enable you to:

♥  protect transactional, processing and administrative financial systems with always on availability on standard operating systems;

♥  prevent downtime rather than react to it.  So true 'active/active' fault tolerance rather than hot standby solutions (which, by their very nature, have downtime at failover built in);

♥  Accelerate processing speed by converging processing and storage platforms, improving network I/O latency, bandwidth and message rates.

All whilst reducing CPU utilisation without modifications to applications or the network.

Take A Look at NSE India Case Study:

Our key challenge is reliability and uptime. Us going down makes headline news and even a few seconds is measured in the millions of dollars.

CTO Projects, NSE India

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