Data centre fault tolerance with 24/7 Uptime

Fault tolerance: vital for data centres

The trend to cloud computing / SAAS / hosted solutions has seen the requirement for data centres and data centre space rise exponentially over recent years.


This is set to continue with more data centres being built and they must be completely resilient.  They need multiple paths to backbone internet connectivity, multiple power supplies, redundant UPS and generators together with management and control systems that never go down.


Secure access and CCTV systems are, of course, also critical components of a modern data centre hence DCIM, BMS, security, power management and asset management systems within data centre space simply must be up and running without exception.

data centre fault tolerance - 24/7 Uptime endorse the EU code of conduct for data centre energy efficiency

Our fault tolerant hardware and software solutions from Stratus Technologies ensure zero downtime for critical DCIM, BMS and security systems from providers such as Bosch, Tridium Niagara, Gallagher, Nlyte, Sunbird, Geist, Johnson Controls & many more.


Whether you are looking to build your new data centre facility, refurbish/upgrade existing data centres or offer consultancy / integrator solutions to data centres, fault tolerance is a vital component.


24/7 Uptime are proud endorsers of the EU Code of Conduct for Data Centre Energy Efficiency.

Our DC operations team are very pleased with the way the solution has been deployed, and the seamless and easy to manage platform that has been implemented. This fault tolerant deployment gives us full protection of our critical infrastructure and security systems, allowing us to concentrate on our end user deliverable solutions without worrying about underlying system downtime.

Data Centre Operations Manager

Stratus Monitor provides the same information as other solutions, but presents it in a cool manner - which shouldn’t matter but does. When embedded in control room dashboards, it makes life so much easier for operators.

Risk Assessment & Data Centre Operations Manager

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