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Protect building automation & security systems: ensure safety & reduce threats

Building infrastructures are becoming increasingly complex.  Today's smart buildings support a wide range of control systems including access, video monitoring, energy efficiency and environmental.  With the evolving phenomenon of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), infinite endpoint devices are monitored and automatically controlled.  However, increasing threats of physical and electronic security breaches mean even short periods of 'blindness' often lead to long term consequential losses.


Central management, analytics and control systems, together with edge of network locations running today's smart building environment need continuous availability.  Stratus everRun and ftServer fault tolerant solutions keep your smart buildings, building automation and electronic security systems up and running 24/7, 365 days per year.

Stratus fault tolerant solutions enable you to:

♥  Protect smart building automation and security applications with an always-on operating environment;

♥  Provide a dual synchronised building management system;

♥  Ensure monitoring and environmental controls keep working;

♥  Prevent downtime of CCTV and security systems;

♥  Keep building access control systems up and running;

♥  Detect potential problems and proactively take action before downtime becomes an issue;

♥  Ensure IIOT central and edge platforms are continuously available;

♥  Scale easily to accommodate changing business requirements.

Take a look at this short 'Always On' building security video:

We have trusted the automated resilience of our integrated building management systems to the Stratus everRun solution for a number of years now. Our end customers are major global companies and downtime of the computer systems that keep their buildings functional 24/7 simply isn’t an option. Unscheduled downtime is a thing of the past for our customers, thanks to everRun and the expertise that 24/7 Uptime provides.

Software Solutions Manager, Building Automation Provider

Due to the critical needs of the station management system at the newly refurbished King’s Cross Station, we needed a high availability solution with zero operator intervention in the event of a server failure – and the failover should take place with no loss of system availability. Stratus everRun addressed all our criteria in one hit. We have undertaken heavy tests and the software has delivered every time. 24/7 Uptime’s assistance throughout the project has been outstanding.

Russell Bennett, IT Solutions Architect, Fourway Communications

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