From manufacturing to retail, from oil and gas to healthcare, and from transport to online data storage (data centres) – we live in an always on world.

The expectation today is that systems will just be available all the time and instantaneously.  How does all of this work?  Well – technology has advanced from simple multiple disks / RAID arrays and stand by power units to true always on fault tolerant computing.  We provide the ULTIMATE in always on technology for mission critical applications using state of the art Stratus Technologies' solutions.  Do check out our individual sector pages; of course if you have a critical application or future project and your sector is not listed, rest assured we have a solution for you!

Systems integrators choose 24/7 Uptime for zero downtime and data loss

Systems Integrators - Why Partner With 24/7 Uptime?

As Stratus Gold partner experts, we add real value to your overall project proposition, by ensuring zero downtime and data loss for your core solution offering.  We are with you all the way throughout the full project, from initial analysis and design, sizing, system build, and of course ongoing support.  If you provide critical systems for oil and gas, BMS, power management, smart buildings, food manufacturing, industrial automation, security and access control systems, Data centre DCIM solutions (or indeed whatever your core mission critical offering is), your customers need to know that unscheduled downtime is a thing of the past.  We add that extra layer of protection and peace of mind, a real value add to your total solution offering. 

We work with direct end user projects, and also with a host of specialist quality systems integrators across a wide range of sectors.

From email to electronic records, factory floors to trading floors, 999 call centres to emergency rooms, more than 30,000 deployments in more than 30 countries use Stratus everRun software and ftServer hardware to proactively prevent system downtime, eliminate data loss and reduce operational costs.

Get in touch to learn how we can help keep your systems up and running 24/7.