ztC Edge - the latest fault tolerant solution from Stratus Technologies is now available from 24/7 Uptime

The solution brings together both standalone hardware and software in a single turnkey solution to protect single or dual virtual machine environments from any downtime or data loss.  ztC Edge comprises dedicated hardware in the form of two identical small form factor industrial grade servers, coupled with the fault tolerant patented Stratus software technology that powers the already global leading everRun fault tolerant solution.

The result is fault tolerance 'all in' with the complete solution, including hardware, supported by 24/7 Uptime's expert team and backed by Stratus global support network.  With the ability to geographically separate the two host servers, ztC Edge provides fault tolerant system available AND campus wide disaster recovery protection in a single solution.

All this without the need for shared storage or additional arbitrating management computers or modules.

Stratus ztC Edge is now available from 24/7 Uptime

Take a look at this short demonstration of Stratus ztC Edge

In today’s industrial environments, companies are faced with mounting pressure to be more efficient with fewer resources. At the same time, industrial technologies are becoming more powerful and more connected, yet are being deployed where there are little or no IT resources. The influx of data from these technologies and devices is driving the need for – and growth of – new edge computing infrastructure.

Stratus ztC Edge is a zero-touch, fully virtualised and self-protecting computing platform, specifically designed for industrial edge environments.  With built-in remote management, ztC Edge significantly reduces the IT burden for virtualised computing at the edge.  Its self-protecting and self-monitoring features help reduce unplanned downtime and ensure availability of business-critical industrial applications.

Purpose-built for operational technology (OT), ztC Edge is uncomplicated to set up, configure and manage, with user-friendly tools and redundant, hot-swappable nodes that automatically verify compatibility and synchronise themselves.


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