everRun and ftServer Monitor from Stratus

Stratus Monitor: An integrated solution enhancing the ability to monitor everRun, ftServer or even non fault tolerant servers – plus all peripheral devices and applications – providing full visibility across your entire critical IT system.

Stratus Monitor (powered by Sightline Assure) gives IT services and ops managers application performance visibility across all IT domains – and provides actionable alerts to prevent downtime, lost revenue and frustrated end users.  Deployed as an add on solution to Stratus everRun or ftServer implementations (or even deployed on server networks that are not fault tolerant server protected), Monitor continuously maintains the health and availability of mission critical, integrated automation systems and applications.

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Systems such as access control, video monitoring, building management, manufacturing automation, data centre infrastructure management, baggage handling, healthcare, pharmaceutical and many more must be constantly available.  everRun and ftServer ensure the server environment is always up and running – and now Monitor ensures operating systems, applications and even connected devices such as video cameras, access control doors, workstations, other network connected servers, etc, are up and running, monitored and in a healthy working state.  For example, a failed operating system or application crash is predicted, monitored and if required automatically restarted, even if it is not running on everRun or ftServer.  Similarly, performance information for all parts of the integrated system, including network components, cameras, controllers and switches is fed to a simple dashboard which provides complete system visibility and control.

Key Benefits of Stratus Monitor:

continuously monitor the health and availability of all components in an integrated automation system from a single dashboard;

maximise uptime for the OS and software applications;

access a single view of mission-critical automated system infrastructure;

detect system performance issues ahead of time and respond before downtime occurs across the whole network;

continuously monitor system resources and automatically restart unavailable applications;

customise alert thresholds to provide real-time notifications of potential issues before they occur.

Stratus Monitor provides the same information as other solutions, but presents it in a cool manner - which shouldn’t matter but does. When embedded in control room dashboards, it makes life so much easier for operators.

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