When system downtime simply isn't an option, Stratus ftServer is the answer.

When superb processing performance is vital and there is limited or no on site IT support available choose Stratus ftServer: the world's first, simple 'fault tolerance in a box' integrated solution.


With three different models of ftServer, hardware based fault tolerance is available to suit requirements and budget, no matter what.  Each ftServer model is completely scalable and flexible, tailor-made to your own specific requirements.  Choose from an entry level, mid range or high performance unit to meet the needs of your business.  With up to an impressive 64 cores of processing power, 640Gb of RAM memory and 9.6Tb of usable disk space, ftServer protects the most demanding of critical applications.


Need even more storage capacity? The additional fault tolerant Stratus storage array – ftScalable – can provide an incredible 182Tb of fault tolerant usable disk space.


Whichever ftServer model you choose, you’re sure to benefit from superb performance and the highest levels of uptime in the industry.

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Uptime Meter

We gather real time statistics from all global ftServer deployments that have the automated dial home feature activated. This is the actual average uptime level being achieved by over 30,000 live units protecting mission critical systems across the planet today Thursday 20th January 2022.

ftserver Stratus Technologies from 24/7 Uptime Ltd

Stratus ftServer

Using a combination of replicated hardware components working in 'lockstep' mode and the unique 'automated uptime layer' means even in memory data is constantly protected and maintained.  Other issues are captured, analysed and reported to Stratus.  This allows support personnel to take a proactive approach to correcting software problems before they recur.


Add on the everRun Extend DR module to your ftServer deployment for complete end to end application protection.  Local failures are then handled by ftServer; complete site outages due to server room, fire/flood/disaster are handled by the DR failover module to your chosen disaster recovery site.


ftServer along with everRun Extend will keep your systems up and running should local or full site disaster occur.  A robust backup policy still needs to be adopted.  By adding on Arcserve Unified Data Protection (UDP) also available from Stratus Technologies, granular incremental backups with configurable version control and point in time recovery can be established.  Backups can be configured to your local network devices and/or hosted cloud servers.

ftServer Benefits for your Organisation

  • No unplanned downtime;
  • Greater than 5 nines availability through redundant components, lockstep firmware and data synchronisation;
  • No data corruption or data loss;
  • All transactions processed as the system keeps operating despite any component failure;
  • Easy to deploy and manage - no application modifications or failover scripts required;
  • Increased operational efficiency;
  • Self-monitoring, self-diagnosing, self-alerting systems save you time and effort;
  • Operates as standalone Windows server or as part of Hyper V or VMWare server farm, protecting the most critical environments within your organisation;
  • Hot swappable complete server or disk - the only onsite maintenance skill required.

Take a look at this short video: Stratus ftServer, hardware defined downtime prevention.

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ftServer - fastest servers I have ever used.

Senior Software Engineer/Systems Analyst, Transport Booking & Managment Software Co

If I had to give 3 words to describe our Stratus experience, it would be reliability, configurability and sustainability.

Steve Adams, Lead Automation Electrical Engineer, Columbia Pipeline Group

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