When system downtime simply isn't an option, Stratus ftServer is the answer.

When superb processing performance is vital and there is limited or no on site IT support available choose Stratus ftServer: the world's first, simple 'fault tolerance in a box' integrated solution.

With three different models of ftServer, hardware based fault tolerance is available to suit requirements and budget, no matter what.  Each ftServer model is completely scalable and flexible, tailor-made to your own specific requirements.  Choose from an entry level, mid range or high performance unit to meet the needs of your business.

Need even more capacity? The additional fault tolerant Stratus storage array – ftScalable – can provide an incredible 267 Tb of usable disk space.  Whichever ftServer model you choose, you’re sure to benefit from superb performance and the highest levels of uptime in the industry.

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Uptime Meter

We gather real time statistics from all global ftServer deployments that have the automated dial home feature activated. This is the actual average uptime level being achieved by over 30,000 live units protecting mission critical systems across the planet today Tuesday 2nd June 2020.

Take a look at this short video: Stratus ftServer, hardware defined downtime prevention.



Using a combination of replicated hardware components working in 'lockstep' mode and the unique 'automated uptime layer' means even in memory data is constantly protected and maintained.  Other issues are captured, analysed and reported to Stratus.  This allows support personnel to take a proactive approach to correcting software problems before they recur.

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ftServer - fastest servers I have ever used.

Senior Software Engineer/Systems Analyst, Transport Booking & Managment Software Co

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