Stratus everRun Enterprise: next generation fault tolerant software that ensures business continuity and data integrity

Unlike other non-everRun family solutions, Stratus everRun Enterprise prevents system downtime in the first place rather than recovering from it.  It's easy to use, has centralised management tools and keeps Linux as well as Windows environments (including non server OS) up and running 24/7.

everRun is deployed on standard Intel off-the-shelf servers (HP, Dell, IBM, etc) with no need for shared storage and no scripting or application amendments.

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24/7 Uptime demonstration of Stratus fault tolerant software

everRun Enterprise benefits for your organisation:

  • Prevents application downtime and protects data in all locations;
  • Ensures no business interruption and ensures compliance;
  • Works with off-the-shelf industry standard servers;
  • No shared storage requirement;
  • Can run both single & multi-threaded Windows (PC & server) & Linux applications;
  • Protect the most critical environments to complete fault tolerance level and less critical environments to high availability (HA) level;
  • Can monitor applications and every component of your system;
  • Automated load balancing;
  • Single easy to manage control portal;
  • Automated ‘dial home’ support option, enabling fastest possible support response times;
  • Embedded Linux KVM hypervisor;
  • Single or multi-site protection available using everRun SplitSite technology.

Need Single or Multi Site Protection?

everRun host servers can be located in a single server room or geographically separated across two different sites using Split Site technology.


For complete end-to-end application protection, add on the everRun Extend DR module to your everRun fault tolerant host servers.  Local failures are then handled by everRun 2 x host fault tolerant protection; complete site outages due to server room fire/flood/disaster are handled by the DR failover module to your chosen disaster recovery site.


everRun and everRun Extend keep your critical systems up and running through local failures such as server outage or complete site outage by failing over to the DR site.  However - it does not replace a data backup policy.  Therefore by adding on Arcserve Unified Data Protection (UDP) from Stratus Technologies, granular incremental backups can be established with configurable version control and point in time recovery.  Backup can be configured to your local network device/s or hosted cloud servers.


Stratus everRun Enterprise software defined downtime prevention for industry standard servers

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We've streamlined processes to be cost effective for our customers but that puts more of a burden on IT infrastructure. everRun is an impressive piece of kit. When you see what it can do, it's pretty cool. Other products do something similar but I can find nothing else that does exactly what everRun does. By deploying it we've also stopped changing our servers every 3 years which saves £10K-£15K every time.

Technical & Operations Director, Market Research Agency

This is the only fault tolerant solution I've seen that actually provides fault tolerance.

Project Engineer, Systems Integrator

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