We hear lots of reasons why companies don’t protect their data so have added to our list of top excuses.  Here’s 5 more:

  1. “My system isn’t worth much so it’s not worth backing up.”  It’s not the value or newness of the pieces of kit that you’re protecting; the value of your backups is in the data.*
  2.  “It’s a new laptop so it’s fine”.  As we’ve said before, new computers can fail just as easily (as one of ours did when it was only 3 months old).  How much productivity/revenue will you lose without your data?
  3. “There are lots of really cheap backup solutions out there…..”  There are indeed.  And some are more security conscious than others.  But what level of customer service will you get from them?  And how easily can you get your data back when the chips are down?
  4. “It’s never crashed before…..” It only needs to happen once to seriously disrupt your business.  Last week a power cut completely zapped a client’s computers so they couldn’t access patient records and appointment times.  It hadn’t happened to them before either.  We worked with them to ensure they could get this information within an hour of opening so their customer service remained unaffected.
  5.  “I back up to a memory stick ….. and put it in my briefcase …..” or “We back up to CDs/tapes….. they’re stored on top of the server…..”  Not very secure guys.  Far too easy to steal/lose/damage and still on site with your main computers.  Also, be honest with yourself: do you really take a backup every day as you originally intended?

Our suggestion is that you take a serious look at the importance of your data and how you currently back it up.  Different things have different values to different people.  Then try to assess what will happen to your organisation if it’s lost, corrupted or takes an age to restore.  What impact will it have on your business if you can’t access data for a couple of days, a couple of weeks or forever?  What will happen to your sales, cashflow and customer satisfaction levels?

Data backup shouldn’t be viewed as a distress purchase.  Because it’s even more distressing if needed but not purchased.


* Title of article from ZDNet – read the full article here.

We can help you assess how much data you need to protect via a remote logon session.  Simply contact us.

No data backup? Another top 5 excuses