24/7 Uptime developed the reporting system for Aerobic Technologies' NHS food waste disposal digestersNHS food waste disposal has always been a priority for facilities services managers in NHS hospitals across the UK.  They need to dispose of food waste safely, economically and in an environmentally friendly manner.


Aerobic Technologies have developed an advanced technology for aerobic digestion of food waste which addresses all these issues in commercial kitchens.  We have been working with Aerobic Technologies since December 2016 and have developed a detailed reporting system that communicates food waste statistics.


An aerobic digester was installed at Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital in Grimsby in October 2018.  North Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust have kindly created a case study with Aerobic Technologies explaining how this assists in their problem re NHS food waste disposal  Our mention as ‘ATL’s software engineers’ explains perfectly how the reporting system works:


“In consultation with Facilities Services Managers at the Trust, ATL’s software engineers have developed a detailed reporting system which communicates food waste statistics from every ward and restaurant in the hospital continuously throughout the day.  The system identifies the precise location of each waste discharge, which ward the waste came from and at which serving.  This permits facilities to compare waste statistics from ward to ward, hospital to hospital and at different times of the day.  The information can be presented in tabular, graphical or numerical formats in order to allow management to detect trends.  The team estimates that this will lead to meaningful reductions in food waste over time.”


NHS food waste disposal on site saves money on food waste collection, reduces any costs associated with vermin control and reduces portering tasks.


Click on the image below to read the full case study:

NHS Food Waste Disposal Issue Solved