critical software systems protected by 24/7 Uptime

We’ve been keeping critical software systems up and running since 2009.  Sugar is made, oil & gas are kept flowing, soup is on the table, railway stations are safe, radio stations stay on air – all thanks to the technology we have implemented.


So after hearing of problems with SCADA/PLC integration on a couple of our clients’ projects, we decided to take stock of our in house skills.


After reviewing the experience of working with various technical languages and platforms across our team, we realised we could assist.  So we are now actively engaged not only in keeping systems up and running 24×7 but writing/bug fixing the automated software solutions that interact with the machinery that makes the food / keeps utilities running / keeps people safe, etc, etc.


Contact us for an informal chat about your critical software system requirements – not just to keep them up and running 24/7.

Need Help With SCADA / Automation / PLC Systems?