Marathon everRun is now called Stratus everRun; this is because Marathon Technologies was acquired by Stratus Technologies on 24 September 2012. It’s still the same product – the best fault tolerant/high availability solution on the market – just different company ownership.

Marathon everRun is now Stratus everRun

The buyout makes total sense – Marathon developed everRun to be the very best high availability software solution and Stratus has the market leading high availability hardware solution.  With the two under the same company roof the knowledge sharing and development opportunities can only mean good things for existing and future customers.


Marathon everRun

We have specialised in providing consultancy, installation and support for Marathon everRun software since 2009 so our tech team has the expertise you need at their fingertips. This fantastic software solution is used across the globe and we are very proud to be the UK’s everRun experts.


Stratus ftServer

We are very much looking forward to adding Stratus ftServer hardware to our company offering: in some instances, particularly where there is no or very limited IT staff available, then ftServer will be a better fit.  However, we make no assumptions when we initially consult with clients – your needs always drive the high availability solutions we recommend.  So let us help you keep your business up and running 24/7!


Learn more about our fault tolerant solutions for your business and take a look at Stratus everRun software and ftServer hardware systems in more detail.


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Marathon everRun is now Stratus everRun