Marathon Technologies has announced the introduction of Marathon everRun MX Express – a new competitively-priced availability solution that provides broader and simpler implementation options.  Unlike traditional high availability products and clustering solutions, everRun MX Express can withstand server component failures without any downtime.

Key highlights of Marathon everRun MX Express:

Ensures uptime.  Unlike traditional high availability and clustering solutions, everRun MX Express can withstand disk and network failures without the loss of single compute cycle or bit of  data.

Works with more servers.  everRun MX Express supports a wide and diverse array of server configurations, giving an economical upgrade path from legacy high availability products.

Deploys easily.  everRun MX Express protects all Windows-based applications without any modifications or scripting.

Is cost effective.  everRun MX Express is less expensive than inferior high availability solutions and is a fraction of the total cost of clusters, making it a great choice for small companies, education or budget-conscious larger firms.

Upgrades seamlessly.  For organisations that need even higher availability service levels, everRun MX Express can be upgraded in minutes to everRun MX Enterprise, the world’s leading software-based solution for application availability.

24/7 Uptime are Marathon Technologies UK experts and Elite Partner resellers of everRun high availability solutions: contact us or call 0161 366 8499 to learn how Marathon everRun MX Express can help your business.


Marathon everRun MX Express